Cutting-edge research in animal rights law is one of the central pillars of the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law. In addition to publications by members of the Centre, a selection of which is listed below, we support students interested in exploring animal rights-related questions and we invite experts from other institutions to contribute their research to special journal issues and other publications.

Here are some of our latest publications:

'The Old "New" Dignitarianism' (2018) Res Publica, by Raffael Fasel — an article discussing the intellectual history of the idea of animal rights and of its dignitarian countermovement.

“Simply in Virtue of Being Human”? A Critical Appraisal of a Human Rights Commonplace’ (2018) 9 Jurisprudence 3, 1-25, by Raffael Fasel — an article that critically examines the common notion in human rights law according to which human beings have human rights “simply in virtue of being human”.

'The Swiss Citizens' Initiative for Primate Rights Goes to Court', in Nonhuman Rights Blog, 2 April 2018, by Raffael Fasel et al., — a blog post discussing the Swiss citizens’ initiative which aims to amend the Constitution of the Canton of Basel-Stadt by way of a referendum that would add the fundamental right to nonhuman primates to life and bodily and mental integrity to the Constitution’s existing fundamental rights catalogue.

‘Talking Animals, Law & Philosophy Special Issue’ (2017) in 5 Global Journal of Animal Law 1, by Visa AJ Kurki and Raffael Fasel (eds) — a special issue which the Talking Animals, Law & Philosophy series has published in collaboration with the Global Journal of Animal Law (GJAL), a peer-reviewed online journal published by Åbo Akademi University (Finland). Here is the table of contents of our special issue, which is also available on the website of GJAL. The full issue can also be downloaded as a PDF file here.

  1. Raffael Fasel, Talking Animals, Law, Philosophy—and Beyond (Introduction)

  2. Peter Fordyce, Suffering in Non-human Animals: Perspectives from Animal Welfare Science and Law

  3. Randall Abate and Jonathan Crowe, From Inside the Cage to Outside the Box: Natural Resources as a Platform for Nonhuman Animal Personhood in the US and Australia

  4. Robert Garner, The Boyd Group and Animal Experimentation: A Case Study of Deliberation

The Leo and Hercules Trial: An Historic Step for Animal Rights or Business as Usual?’, in Giordano Bruno Foundation Switzerland Blog, 26 May 2015, by Raffael Fasel — a blog post discussing the Nonhuman Rights Project’s habeas corpus case for the chimpanzees Leo and Hercules